+ 70%

Amount of drummers that struggle with tuning

5 mins

Average time to replace and tune one drum head using lugs and tension rods

<2 minutes

Time it takes to replace and tune a drum head using dialtune

dialtune represents an evolution in drum technology

The kick pedal, hi-hat, snare throw, mylar drum heads, and electronic drums – all have defined modern drumming as we know it.

The next evolution in drum technology is here, dialtune. A cable tuning system replaces the need to individually tune tension rods, allowing for greater ease and flexibility in play styles

By removing barriers, drummers become free to be more expressive and innovative

Tuning a drum is like eating vegetables, everyone knows they need to do it, but not everyone likes it. With dialtune, we simplify the tuning process. Thus allowing drummers more quickly find the sound they’re looking for.

We believe that by giving drummers a more stable base to work from, we can foster the creativity and innovation of drummers free to focus on their play style. Drummers focus less on the inconsistencies in the sound, and more on how they can be expressive with a drum that is properly tuned and resonating as it was created.

We believe in innovation and pushing the creative boundaries

dialtune is just the first step in realizing a future potential for automated tuning. Whether you’re a studio musician, touring sound engineer, or hobby drummer, dialtune allows drummers and engineers to spend less time tuning, more time playing.

In the future, dialtune will enable computer controlled tuning on the fly, managed by the drummer, sound tech, or even software like Ableton.