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dialtune is the first patented cable tuning system that applies consistent tension across a drum head, resulting in faster, more accurate tuning, truer tone, and easier replacement. 

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Our Beginning

dialtune started as a project aimed at reducing the frustration of tuning. Over 70% of drummers struggle with tuning; dialtune removes that as a barrier.

We built dialtune so that it can be added to any standard drum from any major manufacturer. The assembly is simple. With a drum key and a screwdriver, simply remove standard lugs and install the dialtune system.

"Apply dialtune to any standard drum. All you need is a drum key and screwdriver."



Using a cable system is not brand new; field drums as early as the 14th century used twine and braided cable latched onto a drum hoop pulling tension across an animal skin drum head. With the invention of the lug and tension rod tuning system, mass manufacturing drums became easier and the cable system dropped out of fashion. Despite the clear advantages cable systems provide to tuning, lug and tension rod tuning has remained the dominate form in the drum industry. Now, thanks to modern manufacturing and materials, cable tuning is primed to make a comeback.

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What's different?

The majority of drums today use a lug and tension rod tuning system. In this system, you screw tension rods through a drum hoop into a lug attached to the drum shell. When using tension rods, there are a couple challenges that drummers face:

Lug Consistency

Ensuring each lug is evenly tuned

Natural Detuning

Tension rods loosen over time

Amount of Time

Tuning and replacing a drum head


With dialtune, we use a cable tuning system rather than tensions rods. There is only one point to tighten and loosen tension. As you dial to increase tension, the tensioner pulls the cable applying even pressure across the entire drum head, not just one lug – allowing you to dial to tune. To loosen, simply dial the other direction (righty tighty, lefty loosey). dialtune allows you to replace and tune a drum head in less than 2 mins.

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